Thursday, November 24, 2005


“Been praying for you.” How often do we hear and even speak these very meaningful words? Praying for one another and depending on the prayers of others can be critical—with the substance behind these words deserving closer examination.

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Art Work: The Power of Prayer by Danny Hahlbolm


Doctor Life said...

I love praying so much! I love your blog and I hope you continue it. God Bless you....God Bless you. Take care of yourself and love God.

Christopher Trottier said...

I think prayer is simply an exercise of confidence in God.

Wayne Newcomb said...

The Bible teaches that prayer is personal communication with God our creator. That is far more than confidence. It is a personal relationship. The Bible makes a big point about those who have a form of Godliness and deny the power which comes from a real realtion and faith in God. All who call on Jesus as Lord and Savior may enjoy this relationship.

Cindy said...

Intercessory prayer is very effective- several months ago around 4:30 one morning I felt strongly led to pray for a woman from my church. As I prayed, I sensed that she was dying and heading rapidly toward meeting the Lord. I prayed until all of a sudden I knew she was going to be alright. Later that day I got a phone call - Kathy had indeed been dying. She had suffered a bowel obstruction and was so sure herself that she was dying that she told her family members goodbye. The Dr.s in the ER felt that she was dying before their eyes and then they witnessed a miraculous turn of events that they later credited to God alone. The whole thing made me a firm beleiver in intercessory prayer!