Thursday, September 22, 2005

Equippers Ministry Launch Notes

Coaching & Training Equippers to:
1. Fulfill Their Calling to Start Ministries & Churches
2. To Build Up God’s People
3. To Become Mature, Reaching the Full Stature of Christ.

The Equippers Network exists to help you fulfill God’s Calling and Release His Revolutionary Life today. We are on the threshold of a revolution in the Church today as we seek to fulfill God’s plan ‘to make disciples of all nations.’ As George Barna says in Growing True Disciples;
"We need to be igniting and nurturing people’s passion for God and get out of their way.”
Those who are called by God need the continuous mentoring and training that is required to send forth radical, healthy people of the Spirit who are focused on accomplishing what Jesus has called them to at all cost. I have had the privilege over the years of helping to mend, equip, train, mentor and release people into cutting edge Spirit led ministry that flows from God’s heart.

My passion is to help you fulfill to the max God’s Call on your life by Coaching and Training you as God works through you to:
1. Birth, Develop and Mature the Ministry or Church God has given you Vision for.
2. Build you and other leaders up through connecting you with other equippers.
3. Mature you through Coaching_mentoring and training.

God the Great Creator has given us the unique God ability to create. These Creative Visions for Ministries flow from His calling and all that we are in Him. Equippers Network Can Help You Birth, Develop and Mature the Visions that flow from God’s Call in Your Life!

How We Will Get This Done?
Monthly Meetings One Saturday Morning 8:30 to 12:00 Each Meeting will include:
1. Free Flowing Worship it will be different each time
2. Training teaching and doing what we are learning
3. Connecting with other Equippers and discovering what God is doing in each others ministries with an ear to hear what the spirit is saying to the People of God.

Coaching-Mentoring: Individual, Couples or Teams Helping each person, couple or team to Move from where you are to the continual fulfillment of God’s Call in your life. Team Rates set according to the number of people and duration.

Network Options
1. Monthly Participants $75 individual & $100 married Couple Includes Monthly "FULFILL THE CALL" meetings, One hour of Mentoring and Interactive access to the Members only web site. People who are not monthly partners may attend the monthly meetings for $25.
2. Hourly Coaching_Mentoring $50 individual & $75 married Couple Also Includes Web Access
3. Weekly group training options also available as needed.
Cost to be determined by the number of people and duration of meetings.

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