Sunday, August 28, 2005

Tell (Blog) Everyone the Hope That Is In You

If you want to Get the Word out with your own Blog here are few recent resources.

1. Leadership Journal Winter 2005 page 69 has an article 'Pastoring by Blog' or
Let Us Blog by Mark D. Roberts,

2. . Ministry Today Sept/Oct 2005 'The Word on Blogs' compiled by Lorie G. Munizzi,

3. How to Start a Blog by the President of Thomas Nelson Publishing:

4. One pastor who Blogs is my friend, Pastor Glenn at Intersect Smyrna,

5., This has several
articles, resources and links

If you get real serious read (BUY) these two books.

6. 'Blog' by Hugh Hewitt published by Thomas Nelson Publishing.

7. Publishing a Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro Peachpit Press (2005)

8. Click on these books under Books & Music to Buy to buy these online.


1 comment:

Jeff said...

Thanks for the good list. I've only been blogging for a couple months, so I'm definitely "green."

God bless.