Monday, July 04, 2005

In, But Not Of by Hugh Hewitt

Recommended reading for those who want to impact our generation from within the society. Published by Thomas Nelson

In, But Not Of takes a hard look at Christian ambition, the need to acquire influence in the world, and the appropriate manner for doing so.Hugh Hewitt has worked for and with people in some of the most powerful and influential positions in the country. He knows what is required to reach and thrive in such positions, and in this book he shares some of that valuable, hard-won knowledge.In, But Not Of provides readers with valuable insights, wisdom, personal experiences, and advice on how to rise in the world and achieve the kind of radical success that honors God. http://www.thomasnelson.comA Great Review by George BarnaThis is a book of practical wisdom and motivating challenges. Hugh has provided a simple, quick-read to central life decisions of young people – high school and college students as well as young college graduates. But I have to confess, I was not only thinking about my own children and relatives when I read this book. There were a number of insights that caused me to stop reading and reflect on the direction of my life.I love Hugh’s style: short chapters (average four pages), direct and compelling arguments, frank to a fault. An ambitious and accomplished individual himself, the author encourages the pursuit and deployment of power, authority and influence geared to honoring God. Hewitt’s thesis is simple: success is the product of disciplined effort, and every Christian is called to impact the culture in some discernible and intentional manner, but such influence must be earned. He then spends the bulk of the book describing how to earn the opportunity to influence our culture. There is little theory in these pages; instead, the reader receives pragmatic suggestions that, if applied consistently and thoughtfully, can lead to becoming a world-changer.The book addresses the means to influence: credentials, scholarship, valuable habits, knowledge, finances, commitment, location, networking, job selection, relationships, argumentation, strategy, enhancing others’ lives, power, growth in faith, mentoring, humility, asking questions, taste, uplifting speech, anger, knowing appropriate limits, and clutter. It’s a wide range of topics, but this panoramic exploration of impact makes for a surprisingly compelling read – and an enormously insightful body of guidance. My daughters will be receiving copies (they can’t use mine – it’s too marked up to do them much good) as will my nieces and nephews currently in high school and college.I’m a Boomer, so I am not the target audience for this book. After all, if you haven’t committed your life to influencing the world for God’s purposes, or have not figured out how to do so by the time you near your fifth decade, the chances are good that it’s not going to happen. But for those of us for whom cultural influence on behalf of the God’s kingdom is a defining and earnest ambition, Hugh has penned a very challenging book, even if much of it is review.I’d recommend this book to everyone in your high school and college ministry. (I could easily envision it as one component of a weekly study among young people.) Flip through it and see if you can identify a few Busters who would be enriched by its content, as well. It’s a fun, fast read that’s well worth the time.Used By Permission of The Barna Group, Ltd.

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