Saturday, January 02, 2016

The Founders Bible

Much of what what the Founding fathers of the United states believed and wrote was Preached in the Pulpits of America before it was written into our foundational documents. Learn this and more in the Founders Bible. I encourage you to check it out at Find Out More Click Here
"The Bible is a practical guidebook for day to day living, and its active use by previous generations built the intitutions and culture of America.
Did you know:
- John Adams cited Jeremiah 17:9 as the basis for the America constitutional separation of powers
- The logo and motto of the first American hospital was (and still is) Luke 10:35
- The discovery of jetstreams in the air was based on Ecclesiastes 1:6, and the discovery of jetstreams in the ocean was the result of Psalm 8:8
- The first American telegraphic message between the cities was Numbers 23:23
- The consitutional prohibition against bills of attainder was based on God's declaration found in Ezekiel 18:20
- The Bible verse emblazoned around the famous Liberty Bell is Leviticus 25:10
- The reading of Psalm 35 had a direct and dramatic impact upon the first American congress
Learn these facts and so many more in The Founders' Bible! It contains hundreds of brief articles showing the practical application of the Bible to daily living as well as over 150 historical biographies. It is filled with insightful quotes about the use and impact of the Bible from American Founding Fathers and statesmen from across the generations. Discover what it was that made America great!
2272 pages with beautiful illustrations throughout the Bible with over 900 of those pages of articles by David Barton, Biblical commentary, and information about how the founders of America used the Word of God when forming a nation."
Font: Weidemann (size is comparable to most 11pt-12pt font sizes)
Version: New American Standard Bible (NASB

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